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Montreal, Canada


Dune Recordings, Thrive, Atom Candy, Turbo, Sound Gizmo Audio


Double A and Twist


Aaron Siegner
Oliver Sasse

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Westmount (Montreal) teen Oliver Sasse graduated from Selwyn House in ‘92 and fell into the proto-rave scene at the Crisco club via fellow Selwyn schoolmate Tiga Sontag. It was in this embryonic rave environment that Oliver met Aaron Siegner, an Anglophilic Halifax native who had moved to Montreal to go to college. Both Aaron and Oliver liked British hardcore rave music, the stuff with the fast breakbeats in it. But by ‘93, nobody was playing that type of thing anymore. Tiga had fallen into playing ‘up for it’ Brit-prog (“Two Fatt Guitars”, anyone?) and colder Euro-techno, and so Aaron and Oliver rechristened themselves Double A and Twist and picked up the hardcore baton.

One year into their DJing careers, their beloved U.K. hardcore music had morphed into new shapes. The sound was getting blacker, the breakbeats were getting more intricate, and the samples were changing from Alvin-and-the-Chipmunks to boombastic-ragga-tastic. Double A and Twist set up a rave company (along with Mirror columnist Krista) to promote this new sound, called jungle. They titled their company, appropriately, Jungle Jungle, and started bringing in the cream of the U.K. jung-a-list crop—LTJ Bukem, Grooverider, DJ Rap, Chemistry and Storm. When their chosen sound morphed once again—and jungle turned into the more genteel drum & bass— the boys closed shop on throwing raves. They created drum & bass night and educated-white-male bonding-bastion The Session. The Session thrived as a weekly in various locales, including Purple Haze, Sona and Jai Bar. Since ‘97, Double A and Twist have been concentrating on the studio and their d&b label, Dune Recordings. They proudly remain the only DJs in Montreal to ever quit Sona over musical differences.
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Album: Slowburn
Genres: Drum n Bass, Electronic, Urban, RootsReggea
Mood: Energetic
Album: Slowburn
Genres: Drum n Bass, Electronic
Mood: Melancholic
Album: Slowburn
Genres: Drum n Bass, Electronic
Mood: Energetic
Album: Slowburn
Genres: Drum n Bass, Electronic
Mood: Stressful
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