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this is earthprogram music

We represent the absolute best in pre-cleared indie rock and electronic music for licensing to tV, Film, Games, apps, and New Media. If you're looking for original, edgy, forward-thinking music for your project, you've found the right place. begin your search now.

We've already done all the dirty work, clearing both master and synch rights, so all you have to worry about is picking the perfect tunes for your project. And if you need help with a search, our knowledgeable easy-going professionals will be glad to show you around our impressive catalog and assist you in finding the right music.

Get started now. Using our intuitive technology that caters to the music supervision professional, you can easily browse our catalog of thousands of commercially released and unreleased tracks organized into familiar album and single formats. Save your favorite tunes in playlists, share your playlists, collaborate with colleagues across multiple projects, composite your video with any track in our catalog, plus clear and pay for licenses instantly.

If you are a professional music licensor or content creator, please request an account for access to full track streams, high resolution downloads, instant rights clearances, and our online synchronization spotting tool SynchStage.

We've already loaded our current top featured tracks in the player to get you started.

Sync Sessions is designed to be a productive, concentrated day of conversations and events that bring together artists and rights holders with the top creators in visual and interactive media to network, discuss industry issues, have fun and do business.

Sync Sessions is being held at Poisson Rouge at 153 Bleeker Street, NY, NY from 10-6PM, with an afterparty from 6-10pm.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

6/28/2012 relaunch

earthprogram music is relaunching very shortly.. in fact you're looking at the new digs.  exciting new artists, music and catalogs to be up very soon.  got some great tunes?  get in touch.

Flowchart's "Warm and Quirky", released on Earthprogram's Warmth label in 2002 was recently licensed to ABC Studios for usage in one of the very last episodes of the iconic show.

The deep house track appears as a background cue during a historical flashback scene in episode #608. When reached for comment, Sean O'Neal aka Flowchart stated, "It's unbelievable, Lost is the most popular science fiction show in recent memory. it's like licensing music to Star Trek."

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